Osaka 22819 Kori

Burmatex Osaka Range
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osaka® is an all over pattern inspired by an incredibly vibrant, futuristic, and traditional part of the world, Japan. The contrasts found in Japan inspire the range; new and old, warm and cool, urban and natural.

osaka® is 695g, manufactured with Universal Fibers® ground-breaking Thrive® matter yarn, the worlds first carbon negative recycled yarn. This, combined with the unique BioBase® recycled backing makes osaka® carbon neutral.

Initially inspired by a map of Osaka the carpet tile design is geometric yet organic, reminiscent of folded paper origami. Whether looking down on the busy metropolitan streets or up at the forest canopies, you can see the pattern of osaka® appear in both city and natural settings.

The refreshed palette of 12 includes trend inspired luminous pastels (gingko, chiru, kawa) a bright and joyful red (hanabi), two fresh and calming blues (kori and sora) and a new pure warm (hikari). The range maintains its set of popular core greys and beige; mochi, arashi, sesame and sumi.

The abstract nature of the design, teamed with the revived colour palette, allows it to be both soft and strong, expertly working with modern interior spaces.

  • Carbon Rating:
    Carbon Neutral
  • Style:
    Tile (50cm x 50cm)
  • Pile Yarn Weight:
  • Total Weight:
  • Pile Height:
  • Total Thickness:
  • Pile Density:
  • Wear Classification:
    Class 33 Heavy Commercial Use
  • Luxury Rating:
  • Castor Chair Rating:
    Suitable for Continuous Use
  • Number of Tiles per box:
    20 (5m2)
  • VOC:
    Class A+
  • Warranty:
    15 Years
  • Brand: